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December 09 2013


Management control

To make good control of the management of a company should consider three main functions : What is the purpose and mission of the organization by clearly defining your goals. Preparation of company personnel to work effectively through recycling and continuing education.

Identify - correcting or enhancing - the impacts of social changes that may affect the organization, considering its effects and suitably adapted to the objective and mission of the organization. Although these main functions are discussed in greater detail in later issues, we have to emphasize here that the work requires the management company to manage exceptional qualities.

The current leader in industrial societies in a position of responsibility and leadership, similar to that in the past occupied military and priests. To conceive the role of management in the business world is essential to understand that people have an organic nature rather than mechanical. In short, we become more like the systems of the natural world to the machines. A company progresses through a complicated relationship development that affect the entire organization, rather than a behavior, according to a few simple principles of cause and effect.

Take an example, between a human body and a car, if a car part fails, it may affect the operation of the same for a certain time until it is replaced by another, and the car will run as before the failure. But if a body part fails, sure to affect the whole organism, including its intangible parts, such as mood, feelings, appetite, etc.. Maybe you can replace that body, or maybe not, but the mere fact replace alter the life cycle of the individual. In many ways a human body can never function as before the operation. Will be changed, there may be even better, but never be the same. Another comparative element is the passage of time and its effect on the entire organization. In the car example, the mechanical parts wear out over time, but being standardized, may be replaced by others as a anvelope maintenance program that will allow the vehicle to continue operating. In the case of people, eventually they will change: perception, experience, motivation.
The aging process affects their attitude and behavior.

In addition, groups of people within the organization act differently depending on the stage of life they are. Any change in the tax group, for example - change in personnel - will alter its nature, even their expectations. This example finds the importance in the overall management of the company is the development of Human Resources. Therefore it is essential to manage this function to know the essential aspects of the organization and not consider it as a mere mechanical system, but it certainly fail in their goals. This fact is what makes the work of managers in this field, is a constant challenge. The way they change, for better or worse, is largely attributable to the "human" skills of the manager. The link between economic project and company culture are so strong, that both aspects are confused in some companies.

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